Daft as rags – What’s it all about?

Another England” is a cycle of films exploring a town on the edges of English society. It is a meditiation on this marginal, sometimes otherworldly place, and the characters that haunt it.

What does it mean to belong to somewhere? The four films explore different aspects of the complexity of belonging: “Blue Lagoon” the final film in the cycle, looks at it through the eyes of the misfits who have a romantic and even mystical connection to the wildllife and the haunting sense of place of the petrochemical estuary on the edges of the town.

My work has been described as “art from somewhere that’s fallen off the edge of the map, from a place as far from the centre of English society and culture as it’s possible to go, economically, socially and spiritually – as close to the edges and ends of England as it gets.



Pig the Dog:
A Film Made for Channel 4′s short form strand ‘Random Acts’ The film will be broadcast autumn 2013 and has been exhibited in the BALTIC. Will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 12.45am on Thursday 12th December.

Strange Cargo, Dreaming the City:
Made for BBC Radio 4, Made for SomethinElse productions and was broadcast June 2013

Can House:
My first film continues to be screened and has shown in Galleries and festival and one off features nationally and internationally.